Demi Lovato Secret Color Hair

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.37.38 AM“I’m Demi Lovato, and I live my life in color. The colors of strength, and colors that dare! The colors that show no fear! The color that says, ‘I’m here!’. Colors that bare no soul, and colors that say I’m in control!

It’s all about the colors. My colors! Change them everyday with my Secret Color Hair Extensions. It’s color without the commitment.”

Color definitely makes and statement and definitely reflects your personality. You can be a little bit more vibrant, sassy, and sheek with Secret Color.

Secret Color Hair Extensions by Demi Lovato are available online and on tour. You can get your choice of colors including red, blue, pink, or purple for just $19.99.

The special headband keeps Secret Color Extensions on until you take them off. They are super easy to use and you won’t even remember that you have them in because they are so comfortable. Now, you can have fun with color and never be totally committed to it.

For more Secret Color fun, you’ll get free shipping on your second one. So, live your life in color, with Secret Color Hair Extensions!

Get Your Secret Color Hair Extensions Here!


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